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Our Mission

UTFAN’s mission is to create a motivating, professional and inclusive environment that encourages finance alumni to support one another and learn from a group of inspirational individuals.

As the official University of Toronto Finance Alumni Network, we serve in the best interest of alumni. Our diverse events are aimed at helping alumni at various stages of their careers in finance.

For young professional alumni

  • expand finance knowledge and learn about current industry trends/issues
  • refine both technical and soft skills through practical skill training
  • develop mentorship with seasoned professional
  • gain insights/advice in career management

For middle management alumni

  • further develop management/leadership skills through  advanced skill training
  • explore new opportunities in the industry
  • further expand networks and meet other aspirational people
  • gain insights into career management.

For senior management alumni

  • identify and connect with young talents
  • share experiences and career advice with the younger generation
  • assume leadership/advisory roles on our board to contribute to a growing community.

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