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Committees and Working Groups
The work of the UTAA is conducted at Board level and in the various committees and working groups. The working groups are always looking for alumni who are interested in contributing to the university as team members.

Awards and Events Committee
Chair: Corwin Cambray (MScPl 1999)
Reviewing current decision-making methodologies for all UTAA awards and events.

Community Engagement Committee
Chair: Jeff Luciano (MBA 2006 Rotman)
Focuses on the UTAA’s Community Engagement initiative, mobilizing alumni around contributing to their communities, connecting alumni around common interests and celebrating their collective ability to make a difference. more

Finance Committee
Chair: Dario Di Censo, Treasurer (BCom 1988 UTM)
Focuses on UTAA operating budget and investments, and UTAA funding guidelines and requests. more

International Committee
Chair: Melinda Jacobs (BA 2012 Trinity)
Focuses on engaging and fostering relationships among alumni outside the Greater Toronto Area.

Nominating Committee
Chair: Tye Farrow, President-elect (B Arc 1987 AL&D)
Creates and maintains a list of qualified alumni candidates for senior-level volunteer leadership roles at the University including Board membership for the UTAA.

Partnership Initiative/Mentorship Committee
Co-Chairs: Pedram Kaya (BCom 2006 UC), Lesley Riedstra (BA 1995 New)
Currently focused on alumni mentorship programs at the University of Toronto – identifying them, promoting them to alumni and encouraging the development of best practices by cross populating good ideas and connections. more

Policy Committee
Chair: Josh Hunter, Secretary (LLB 2003 Law, MBA 2003 Rotman)
Currently focused on updating the UTAA By-laws to conform with the upcoming Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Related Groups

Council of Presidents
Chair: Scott MacKendrick, President (BASc 1982 Engineering)
Membership: presidents of constituent alumni associations, UTAA board of directors and alumni governors of Governing Council
The purpose of this Council is the exchange of information and best practices among the alumni volunteer leadership, to receive information from the university and to, in turn, communicate this information back to their respective alumni associations. more

College of Electors
Chair: Scott MacKendrick, President (BASc 1982 Engineering)
Membership: appointed representatives of divisional alumni associations at the the University of Toronto
The members of the College are responsible for electing the Chancellor and the alumni members (alumni governors) of the Governing Council.