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Alumni: Giving U of T more reasons to be proud


UTAA Strategic Plan
In 2010 the UTAA Board of Directors conducted a strategic planning exercise to identify its vision and mission, and the supporting goals and objectives. This resulting strategic plan is guiding the work of our association.

An actively engaged Alumni who are proud and supportive of the University.

Strengthen the community of alumni and its bonds with the university.


  • Strong connections.
    Alumni who are connected with each other and with the University.
  • Meaningful experiences.
    Ensuring that alumni have positive and fulfilling, lifelong experiences with the University.
  • Supportive of the University.
    UTAA as an effective vehicle to enable alumni to support the University’s goals.


  • Represent U of T alumni within the University in both an advocacy and stewardship role on issues of relevance to alumni.
  • Promote and support programs that give alumni meaningful ways to engage with faculty, staff, students and the broader community.
  • Provide funds to support key initiatives within the University and as a University partner, add momentum to University fundraising efforts.
  • Facilitate communication with the alumni about the benefits (programs) offered by their University.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships within and outside the University. These partnerships bring benefits or opportunities to the alumni and give alumni representation in partner activities.
  • Identify and understand the opportunities and issues of relevance to our alumni. Monitor and act on these opportunities and issues as they arise within the University and in our partnerships.
  • Ensure the UTAA board remains relevant and sustainable in its service to alumni.