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Have some students from U of T over for dinner
The Dinner with 12 Strangers series offers alumni the opportunity to host a dinner or event and have a positive impact on the student experience at U of T. Show you care and have fun participating in an activity or preparing a meal that you enjoy.

Dinner with Twelve Strangers

The Dinner with 12 Strangers program is an engaging and enjoyable way to make a positive impact on student life at U of T. Host a meal at your home or run an event of your design. The tone, style and agenda are completely up to you. So be creative. Whatever the event, you’ll get the chance to meet some fascinating young people and they’ll get a taste of the alumni side of the whole U of T experience.


What does hosting involve?

  • Welcoming students into your home or at another location. The number of guests is up to you.
  •  Covering the expenses of brunch, lunch or dinner, if you’re providing a meal
  • Organizing an activity like a hike, scavenger hunt, games night or trip to the museum. The possibilities are boundless.

What can our staff do to help?

  • Handle the guest list and invitations
  • Provide guidance and advice
  •  Arrange an alternate space at U of T or another venue, if you aren’t in a position to host the event yourself

What are students saying about the program?

“I’ve had a fantastic experience with past D12 events — I’m blown away by the generosity and friendliness of our alumni.” (Honghu Wang, BComm candidate 2016)

“I’ve always enjoyed attending D12 events. The one last evening was no exception. The hosts were all friendly and welcoming, and the alumna hosted us in her beautiful apartment. The event was well planned, and there was plenty of opportunity to meet the other guests. I liked that the hosts had us all sit down and listen to each other’s’ stories—all very interesting.”  (Robert Chu, 4th year Psychology student, Woodsworth College)

“I think this event is a great opportunity to meet wonderful people, share your experience with them, and learn from their stories. It’s so much fun. And of course the food is awesome!” (Reza Fazeli, Graduate Student, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

“I had a great time meeting new people who are in the same stage in their career as me but also learning from those that are further ahead. This was a very valuable experience for me. Thank you for the opportunity.” (Athena Ionita, 4th year student, Life Sciences)

“After I attended my first D12 dinner, I realized it would be a good opportunity for students who might need guidance like what I needed in high school. It’s a great opportunity for students to meet people outside of our daily routines.  It offers students a chance for us to explore more out of life by hearing others’ experiences, as well as good practice for networking.” (Chloe Feng, MASC. Candidate, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry)

“Last night was such a pleasure, meeting lovely new people, and having great conversations with delicious food. I give the experience a solid 10 and will definitely recommend it to my friends and fellow students” (Joyce Hu, Graduate Student, Industrial Relations and Human Resources)

Interested in becoming a host?

This program is very popular with U of T students so we’re always looking for new hosts. To find out more about hosting a Dinner with 12 Strangers event, contact

Visit the Dinner with 12 Strangers Facebook page