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Alumni: Giving U of T more reasons to be proud


Make a difference wherever you are
Wherever your career or personal pursuits take you, you can still volunteer for the university.

CLICK HERE to volunteer for the university in the GTA and around the world!


Our 50 alumni groups in 29 countries offer plenty of ways for our half a million alumni worldwide to be active U of T volunteers. The rewards go both ways: you get to support and promote U of T in your area, while also staying connected to fellow students and enjoying fun get-togethers, unique learning opportunities and rewarding community service events.

Alumni leadership
As an executive of your regional alumni group, you can plan a lecture, reception or community service event in your area. Or, join your local welcoming committee and help find and bring other local fellow graduates into the fold.

As the newcomer coordinator, meanwhile, you get to stay in touch with members, and help familiarize them with the area and the group. You can also help talented local students pursue further learning opportunities at U of T, and help the university connect with the brightest minds around the world.

Wherever you’re based, U of T wants to honour your commitment to the university. You can help acknowledge the outstanding contributions of your international fellow alumni to U of T by nominating them for An Arbor Award, which is given to more than 90 alumni in Toronto and worldwide each year.

Alumni ambassador
You can show your U of T pride by being an alumni ambassador, and tell prospective students about what you learned and gained from your U of T education. Your first-hand knowledge of the U of T experience can help students determine whether U of T is right for them. As an ambassador, you can also:

  • Drop off student recruitment materials at local high schools.
  • Be a contact for prospective students interested in speaking with a U of T graduate in their area.
  • Speak about your U of T experience at a post-offer reception.
  • Host a student recruitment reception at your home.

Contact for more information.

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